Nantong Blue Computer Co., Ltd., formerly Nantong blue science and technology management department was established in 2000, after 10 years of sustained and steady development. At present, the company has become more scale in Nantong area, strong comprehensive strength of commercial products, office equipment and enterprise management software development and implementation of integrated suppliers.

Company set up channels of products, systems integration, technology services, shop door sales and other departments, bringing together more than 30 professional skills and professionalism of the staff. At the same time, the company pay attention to the use of modern management concepts, and the use of ERP management system, customer management system, maintenance and other advanced management tools to effectively promote management practices. System integration technology plan ability, project implementation capacity and after-sales service are in the leading position in the same industry, undertake attendance access control of the consumer card, monitoring anti-theft and application of bar code systems, enterprise management ERP and financial software, such as software projects. Company in the wireless ordering, hotel rooms and management of foot bath, the supermarket cashier, membership management, clothing, medicine management, industry management software in the field of deep foundation, more than 2000 successful experience in the industry.


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